Side Street Planning is a creative city planning firm formed from the collaborative efforts of planners, researchers, and urban enthusiasts. Rooted in the science of understanding cities and driven by our passion for positive change, Side Street blends a fresh, straight-forward approach to urban planning with progressive planning strategies. Our mission is to provide new and meaningful approaches to the understanding of our urban world.

Our mission is to provide a meaningful approach to understanding our urban world and changing it for the better.


Founding Principal
Jill Clark, PhD
Research Consultant
Michael Blau
Active Transportation Consultant


Neighborhood Planning

Neighborhood-scale planning requires a commitment to understanding the true character of a place, as well as an appreciation for the hopes of the people who live there. We are committed to personalizing our approach and to working within a locally-focused context and utilizing the community’s targeted ideas as true catalysts for change.

Public Process

We believe that true public engagement is the key to most successful public planning projects. Our team is constantly researching and implementing new approaches for engaging community members across the community. We can, and do, create an open dialogue with community members in every step of our process.

Comprehensive Planning

We believe in the power of the big picture vision, keeping it in mind when considering the details at every level of public planning. We strive to understand your community and compose a long-range approach for success. One of our core strengths as a team is the ability to distill your long-term goals into a set of distinct strategies to guide decision-making in shorter increments of time.

Codes + Guidelines

Codes and guidelines are too often regarded as the musty old rules protecting the status quo. However, we believe that a new vision for the community can be achieved by interpreting these regulations with fresh eyes. Side Street can help you create innovative codes and guidelines that encompass not only what  your community currently is, but also what your community aspires to be.


This is a selection of our recent work. We are proud to closely partner with so many communities in developing their strategies for positive change.

Grandview Traffic Advisory Plan
Neighborhood Planning / Active Transportation
West Franklinton Plan
Neighborhood Planning
Brice Tussing Market Study
Neighborhood Planning / Market Study
Bexley Code Modernization + Planning Services
Codes and Guidelines / Public Planning
Downtown Streetscape Standards & Guidelines
Codes and Guidelines / Streets
Dublin Office Competiveness Study
Codes and Guidelines / Focus Area Studies


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